Moving EWQL VST's into Cubase 6 - Help please.


I am trying to get Cubase 6 to recognise the VST my EWQL samples. I know I have to move them some way so that Cubase 6 scans a folder and sees them and then lets me select them to play. The problem is, I don’t know which folder I should move them to in Cubase 6 to reconise them.

The VST’s that come with Cubase 6 work fine and I know that you press F11 then select the instrument you want to get the VST’s to work.

The problem is that when I try to do this, it does not give me a menu of my EWQL VST’s because it does not see them in the Cubase 6 VST folder. I have not moved them because I don’t know which folder to move them to.

Come someone please guide me, step by step, through the process I need to do so that Cubase 6 has my EWQL samples moved into its ‘scanning’ folder, or if there is another method, please guide me step by step through this process, or explain how you do it on your own PC.

Thanks again!


What you need to do is add the folder your EWQL VST lives in to the list of folders Cubase scans. If you don’t know where it is do a search for 'play_vst.dll" for the 32 bit version and “play_vst_x64.dll” for the 64 bit version.

  • Then in Cubase 6 click the menu up the top that says ‘Devices’ - then 'plugin information - and it will bring up a box showing your plugins.
  • Click on the VST 2.x PLugin Paths tab, click ‘add’ and navigate to the folders your EWQL VST’s live in and click OK. You will need to do this twice if you want to add the 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • Then click OK on the VST 2.x plugins path popup box and you will go back to plugin information window. Click the ‘Update’ tab and the EWQL Vst’s will be added.

And read starting page 203 in the Operations Manual.

Only you know the path to where you installed the EW plug-in. You don’t necessarily move the folder to one that Cubase wants … you point Cubase at the folder that contains the plug-in that you installed if you did’t install it in the Cubase default folder.

BTW … it is not good etiquette to start another thread with the same question when you are already asking for help.



Thank you very much. It worked. Set to go and I am grateful. :slight_smile:

Como, I do appreciate your help my my manual does not go up to page 200 (it stops at 103 and is in several different languages) and although it is rude to start another thread, I did not want it to get ‘bumped out’.

I do appreciate your time very much. Thank you mate.