Moving flow text ipad

Ipad: Not sure how I moved the flow text, happened two places, easy to move back?

If you entered these flow titles by double-clicking/-tapping directly on the page, then I’m afraid that will have produced local page overrides that fix flow headings to a specific position on the page (as it was when you edited it) and flow headings no longer move when the music moves.

On the iPad, you can’t remove page overrides. However, if you start a fresh layout, it won’t have those overrides and you can restart that way.

Make sure you add flow titles in Project Info or in the Flows panel in Setup mode to avoid page overrides. (For more info about flow names and flow titles, see here…)

Cool! So its easy to fix? Tryed to do it but… If you have a step by step thing I can try?
Its a bit strange, because every little piece is 4 lines, so always thensame 8 lines pr page.

Or what kind of dorico version do I need to fix it?

Follow the steps Lillie posted above under “start a fresh layout”, to wit: