Moving Flow Titles

When I drag the 1st stave downwards, the flow title frame moves as well (see pic)… What can I do to avoid these collisions?

Thanks, Jürgen
Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-26 um 14.15.12.png

The flow heading always moves with the first staff of ‘its’ flow at the distance that’s specified in Layout Options, unless you introduce some kind of override. If you come across this problem repeatedly it’s worth checking out wether globally changing the flow heading margins (Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows) would help solving it. Otherwise you can always drag the flow heading frame in Engrave Mode. Keep in mind though that this will break its positional connection to the music so if the layout changes later you’ll have to reposition it again. Such local tweaks are best done at the end of the whole engraving process.

Just drag the staff with the smaller box. It affects that staff only.