Moving from Apple to Android

I recently transition from an outdated Apple device to a more up to date Android device, and soon faced the reality we are all well acquainted with by now. Aside from the remarkable neglect apparent in keeping the Android version up to date, my struggle has had a financial component. On Apple, I bought everything, the all in one package. When I switched to Android, I was disappointed to not find a way to transfer those purchases and was forced to purchase the app and instruments again. Given that I not only paid for the same app and content twice, but in fact a greatly inferior version, I’d like to know what can be done by way of reimbursement. If I could find a similar app that is more up to par with what I’ve come to love about Music Studio, I’d be much happier.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to transfer purchases from the Apple App Store to the Google Play Store or vice versa. This goes for all apps and in-app purchases, it’s not a shortcoming of Music Studio.

For a refund of your Google Play Store purchase, please see or contact us at