Moving from note to note

I frequently need to listen to the notes I enter on a particular stave. If the notes are clean (without any ornaments or slurs or ties), then (in Write mode) clicking on the first note and pressing the right arrow key multiple times does the job exactly I want – I hear each note played as I press the right arrow key (each time the next note is highlighted). However, if I put a slur over some of the notes, then the behaviour of the right arrow is no longer the same. It will jump to the slur instead of the note (and as someone pointed out earlier in another thread, sometimes it jumps to another stave).

Is there a way that I can just press a key (which needs not be the right arrow key) and quickly hear the notes in sequence in a particular stave (which I must click on the first note that I want to hear) irrespective of whatever slurs, ornaments, etc added to the notes?

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No, there’s currently no way to change the behavior of the selection horizontally across the staff.

I would love to have this possibility as well while checking a part for mistakes. You need to bring your selection with a mouse back to the next note…And you never know will be played a next note or not while pressing a right arrow key.

Let me piggyback this thread with a related question: I’ve had the selection jump from one staff to another one seemingly randomly. Is there a system behind that? Like, if I have an orchestral score and am inside the bassoon staff, why would it jump all the way to the flute and continue there?

This one has been discussed ad nauseum (that’s not a criticism of you bringing it up, just FYI). Yes, horizontal selection is sometimes very unexpected! It’s in the pipeline I’m sure.

I think secting and moving to a next note with the right arrow have to be so inteligent like a new function “select more” is.