Moving from one generation plug to another

Is there any way to get Kontakt 4 to automtically load instead of Kontakt 2 in songs which have been set up in Kontakt 2?

This is a fundamental forward compatibility issue with Cubase. If I have a song written with earlier plugins, B4, Absynth 2, Kontakt 2 etc, there seems to be no way of automatically loading them with new plugins b4ii etc, when I upgrade plugs even though the internal setting might be exactly the same ie. kontakt 4 will load kontakt 2 programs, b4ii will load b4 etc. This is the same with effects. Even if cubase mad a best guess, this would be better than nothing. I guess you can do it with fxp files? Is this the only workaround?

This means I have to have several versions of the same plugs installed impetuity if I want to load old songs. I know this isn’t the end of the world, but as older plugins are becoming obsolete, this is beginning to be a problem for me.