Moving from XP to 8.1

The ordinary “HDD crash situation” reactivation procedure needed?
Or something more lightweight?

My Cubase is (a.f.a.i.k.) fully working and probably eLicencer as well.
(There has been a pause in recordings since september. Right now I’m on another pc)

EDIT: “more lightweight” seems to be not understood…
I have NO hard drive crash. I CAN start SeL and get the code. This is of no value?
Can not use the code after soon installing my new OS?

the license for cubase is on the dongle. So when changing the OS or the hardware this shouldn’t have any effect on the ability to run cubase. Just install it on the 8.1 and it will run. Place the dongle on the new machine.
No reactivation is needed.

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NOT for me. And for many many others. But the eLicenser

If you don’t have a dongle and are using SeL then you need to do the reactivation procedure at the Mysteinberg website. You’ll need the new SeL number of your system.