Moving Graphics on Title Pages

Once again, I am struggling to make front pages for a score.

  1. Once I have a border graphic above the title and a border graphic below, how do I move these objects around? If I grab a handle, it resizes the object.
  2. When I draw a box for text or graphic, is there a way to make it centered?
  3. How do I make multiple boxes the same size?
  4. How do I just make a border around the title?

I love Dorico, but this is way too hard.


make sure you are doing all these changes by editing a Title Page Template - or by creating a new Title Page Template.

yes, just use the whole page width for the text or graphic frame. (Resizing Text - you probably know how to do it) but resize the graphic by adjusting the height of the frame

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I use the frame offsets/dimensions in the Properties panel when the frame is selected.

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Thank you.

Thank you but I need to research that. Templates for pages are a mystery.

If you are in Engrave Mode, you will find them in the right panel.
Watch this enjoyable video, and you will have a good overview. In earlier versions of Dorico Page Templates were called Master Pages, but it is the same thing:

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I shall watch and absorb. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

I can zip around the staff pretty fast now, but my front-matter skills are pretty bad. (It would be cool to click an icon and go to a Word editor, but I’m sure the developers had good reasons for this dedicated layout facility.)

The basic concept of Dorico is to keep the actual music separate from the layout. Music is the stream of sounds, whereas the layout is just it’s packaging.

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Word is a text editor, Dorico is taking concepts from publishing DTP programs. it is the appropriate tools because it has the necessary feature set.


Well, that makes sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

For this specific question, here is the answer - click once on the graphic frame and notice eight squares that encompass it (the four corners and four mid-points). If any of those squares are filled in and not hollow, hit the TAB key. (This de-selects that anchor point). Now use opt-arrow or command-opt-arrow (for larger moves) to move the graphic. This works with any frame - text, music, or graphics. You may alternatively move the frame with the mouse by clicking the edge of the frame and dragging, but this requires precision as the border edge is so thin. If you don’t de-select the box, you will essentially be “stretching” this portion of the frame, which is useful when you need to change the size.

By the way, clicking with the mouse anywhere near the corner or the mid-point of the frame selects that point and fills it in, while clicking elsewhere on the edge does not.

***Another tip… once a square is selected, you can easily navigate around to a different point by using command-arrow. (Cmd-right to get the point to the right, cmd-up to get point above… etc.)

@musicmaven1, Thank you for taking the time to write all that! I am using Windows and not Mac, but I was able to translate the directions with no problem.

I had some initial confusion between the actual image and frame and this:
I think you meant the actual picture, so I finally ignored that small thing with the anchors and just focused on the actual image and its border.

Thanks again.