Moving Grouped Events does not move automation

I just stumbled over another issue.

I was editing the audio of a project containing sound effects and music layers (audio files placed on a timeline in multiple channels) and had to move a pretty large chunk of events ahead of time due to timing changes in the video.

To make it easier, I always group all audio together into one big folder named “Audio” and then I keep 3 more folders in it named “Music” “Vocal” “Soundeffects”

I noticed that when I moved that big section, the volume automation for one of my music layers was not moved with the audio, like it should. The automation was not locked.

Shouldn’t it move all events and automation when everything is grouped like that?

This is a pretty significant issue because I now had to go back using the undo function and make sure the events are moved properly. An hour of work is now lost because of this. Very unfortunate.

Here is a video of me doing undo/redo to illustrate the issue. Notice the volume automation not being moved and the automation being unlocked.

The movement was done by just dragging the main folger group ahead of time.

Hmmm…I just repeated my steps and it appears now on second attempt it DID move all the events…very strange. Still investigating.

You might also want to look at the function Edit>Group which lets you select Events, Parts, Automation, whatever and Group them. Once Grouped they will move around together.

I did not now this actually existed. But it feels like this functionality is kinda identical to how a folder is supposed to work. But I take it maybe you would like to group events from different folders, so yeah - probably useful :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not notice any more issues here. I might have goofed and forgot to lock the automation before moving the whole folder part. :+1: Problem sorted.