Moving Halion Libraries no longer works and breaks library

Hi all

I downloaded Iconica and it installed successfully, then I used the library manager to move it onto my SSD drive, when I open talion and go to Iconica now it says all the files are missing, and when I go and locate them nothing happens and it doesnt work.
This is a real problem as everywhere says thats the way to do it, to save local space, and on my Mac I do not have enough space and use one of my ssd’s for all my content storage. everything else has worked for other talion libraries just not Iconica.
any idea anyone?
thanks indeed advance

That sounds like the libraries got moved but somehow didn’t get registered in their new location.

Try going to the location where the content is now located. Double+click on any .vstsound file you find there. This should launch the Library Manager which will then register all the .vstsound files it finds in that location plus any sub-folders in that location.

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Oh wow, thank you so much, I didn’t knwo that was available,
I have done that now and will test later this morning :slight_smile:

once again thank you so much.

kind regards

Just tested and it seems to be working again now,

you are a rock star thank you once again.


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