Moving hitpoints precisely help please

Hello guys. C6.5.4 here. What I am trying to do is to create and move hitpoints manually precisely on the beat. I tried it this way;

Opened sample editor/ selected edit hitpoints/ activated snap and set it to beat/ placed cursor at each beat and dragged the nearest hitpoint over it so it ‘snapped’ magnetically onto the cursor. If there was no hitpoint, I manually created one BUT, some of the hitpoints were right on the beat ( and some were early ( For the life of me I cannot work this out. Doesn’t matter how many times I moved them back and forth, if they were off by one click, they stayed off by one click. I did not have snap to zero crossing activated. Is there a better way to manually create hitpoints accurately or is it not possible?

Also, how do you manually delete single unwanted hitpoints? And could you copy and paste hitpoints from one track to another? i.e. from a click track onto a backing vocal track?

Hopefully someone knows what I am doing wrong. My objective is to create warp tabs from the hitpoints and then copy a section of backing vocals to a new location, where the tempo is slightly different, so that it lines up by dragging the warp tabs onto the corresponding beats in the new section…

As I said, maybe there is an easier way but I’m buggered if I can find it. Also, I can’t set the tracks to musical timebase as I don’t know the recorded tempo as someone else created them for me.

Headache coming on… cheers.