Moving into Silicone Mac

I haven’t done it yet but I am pretty sure I am buying a new M1 mac Mini and set it up in the other room and slowly transition into that world. I have been with Cubase for so long I remember the transition from the Power PC to the Intel and using Rosetta. But I can not remember how long that transition period was before there was a Native Cubase operating on Intel. Can anyone remember? What I understand is that software has to be completely re-written to run native on the M1 silicone processor. Is that correct? Has anyone seen an announcement from Steinberg that they are moving Cubase to a native version to work on Silicone? I understand that Rosetta 2 is the bridge but all I need is a notice from Steinberg that they are working on a version of Cubase that is fully M1 compliant. Like I said, I am not jumping over right away but I just need some guidance on how to configure and load up a new M1 mac. I am a willing guinea pig.

No official word that I know of yet.

Only advice I can give is to use all the latest installers. FYI I did this recently and found the audio performance to be worse than my 2013 Mac Pro, so I returned the M1 Mini.

Gonna wait until there is an official supported build from Cubase and all of my plug-in manufacturers

I am in no hurry to switch to the M1 but I will be waiting awhile… Spectrasonics announced all products now run Native on M1. So thats a start.