Moving items by rhythmic grid [SOLVED]

In the “Write Mode Improvements | New Features in Dorico 1.1” Video by Anthony Hughes:

I am not able to move items by the rhythmic grid value as shown at 2:31 in the video. How do we do this on a Mac?

If cmd+alt+arrow doesn’t work, we need some more information. Are you in Write mode? Have you overwritten the default key commands?

I’m in write mode, and I also did a re-set of the key commands (to defaults). alt-cmd arrows only move things to next note.

Have you tried alt + arrow ? That is the shortcut on my mac.


For me, alt-arrow keys and alt-cmd-arrow keys do exactly the same thing - move things to the next note. But the video shows a different behavior for alt-cmd-arrow which moves the item to the next rhythmic grid position. It’s this 2nd behavior that is not working for me. Can anyone verify that they can get this to work?

Well, musicmaven, that is strange : on my mac, alt+cmd+arrow just gives me an error sound and nothing happens, while alt+arrow (left or right) moves the object by a grid step.

I’m on Mac OS:

alt+arrow moves the object to the next note

alt+cmd+arrow moves the object to the next rhythmic grid position or to next note, if the note is between the rhythmic grid

So if your grid is set to let’s say eighths and you have sixteens notes, alt+cmd+arrow moves the object to the next note. If you have quarter notes within the same grid, alt+cmd+arrow moves the object to the next grid position (in this case one eighth to the left or right).



Your explanation is correct and helpful! I never thought about the issue of how the rhythmic grid sometimes aligns with notes therefore giving an impression of things being moved to the next note rather than grid! (In some cases these are the same!). (Your assumption that my grid and written notes were of the same value was correct!)

Thanks again for your insight!


The only time I get a “beep” is when I use the Control key in conjunction with command or option. Perhaps your system or computer behaves differently than mine. I can confirm that alt+cmd+arrow does move things by a grid step, while alt+arrow moves things to the next or previous note.

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Thank you musicmaven for being so precise on your search. I just realized I was not moving “objects” (such as hairpins, dynamics) but notes ! I probably have to recreate the keyboard shortcut, for alt+cmd+arrow beeps no matter what I do — and since I created a lot of my shortcuts I do not want to loose them resetting Key Commands… Can anyone tell me which command I should look for ? When I input move in the search engine, no Command is “move object according to rhythmic grid” ^^

It seems as if this command didn’t make it into the Preferences dialog. I’ve searched my keycommands_en.json file for Ctrl+Alt+Right and I found (among other things) ‘EventEdit.MoveByGrid?Direction=Right.’ I guess this is the command you’re looking for. You’ll have to change the keyboard shortcut in the json file.

Problem is that line IS in my .json file ! Any idea why it does not work ?

Capture d’écran 2017-11-15 à 10.53.43.png

Hm. Could another (background) application or the OS be using these shortcuts too? (This reminds me of the Windows/Intel Graphics driver issue with Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down.)
Does the command work if you define another shortcut?

Well, Florian, I admit I did not try to define another shortcut, because I do not want to cause any problem. I find it strange that no one has the same problem as I.
I really would love to have that feature, so if somebody from the team has any clue, I would be glad to test things !