Moving Key signatures for instrument changes

Hi everyone. Is there a way to move the key signature changes for the transposition to when the next instrument is playing? I have a few examples.

One example is in measure 37 and 42. I need the Clarinet key signature to change at measure 42, because that when the player begins playing the clarinet. Another example is in measure 85 and 86, the C major key change is just unnecessary.

Hi @adenneuwirth use this option in Layout Options, for the desired layout:

Is that in Dorico 5? I should’ve specified I have Dorico 4 still.

Yes this is new in Dorico 5.1. You can read about this functionality on page 21 of the Version History:

Dorico 5.1 Version History

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This is now obsolete with D5, but I did have a workaround for this using independent key sigs in D4. Here’s a thread:

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