moving Keycommands and preferences.


I have been using Cubase 10 elements for a while and are about to install Cubase Pro 10.

When I install a new Cubase will the prefs and keycommands automatically be migrated to the new version of Cubase or will they get overwritten.

In case they get overwritten how do I transfer the Keycommands and Prefs.

Best, Thomas - Sound-designer.

Know body has any idea ?

Thomas :wink:

I don’t know if it does, but maybe this video will help.

In theory KC and Preferences will get migrated as part of the upgrade. This has always worked for me but others have had problems. These seem to be related to the checkbox during installation that asks about who to install Cubase for. There are several threads on the forum you can search for that go into details.

That said for both Key Commands and Preferences you can save your current settings as presets - which is a good idea in general to have. So if they didn’t migrate you could find these and load them.

There is also ‘Edit/Profile Manager’ (which I’ve never used) that is designed so you can take your environment from one DAW to another which I suspect is the easiest.

Just notice the OP is going from Elements 10 to Pro 10 and not a 9 to 10 upgrade. I think all the above might be true in that case, but not certain (likely Profiles are only in Pro). Anyway the OP should make Presets before upgrading.

Elton - Thanks for the answer. I had already seen the video about this though

Raino - Thanks aswell. Yes my concern was if it would migrate from elements to Pro. But lets hope it does. I cant get into my elements anymore as it was trial. Anyway I will get back if it doesnt work.

Best, Dr Tolle

Unfortunately It did not migrate the prefs and keycommands.

The profile manager does not exist in Cubase elements 10. So it seems to be pretty difficult to migrate it.


Thanks anyway …

If you can still run Elements (I don’t know if Pro and Elements are different exe’s or do they run off a single exe with only the license making the difference), but if you can run Elements fire it up and save Presets for Preferences and KCs. Then import these into Pro?

Hey Raino

I thought I couldnt run my Cubase elements anymore as the trial ran out. But after I bought and registered Cubase pro it turned out that I could open Elements againn. Meanwhile I have set up everything in Pro from scratch. However its good to know how to do it it for future upgrades. I will now save both keycommands and prefs.


Dr Tolle

Glad it worked out.

Your license lets you run any earlier version of Cubase and also allows you to run down variants of whatever you own - e.g. Pro license can run Artist & Elements (but there is rarely a reason to do so).

Yes rarely any reason but good to know anyhow.

Conclusion is that prefs and keycommands are not transferred automatically and that the users needs to do it themselves although Steinberg claims that these will be automatically migrated.

Best, Dr Tolle