Moving knobs with scroll wheel


It is not useful for me to move knobs and volume sliders with the mouse scroll wheel.

I use the scroll wheel to scroll the mixer or the project window, but when I accidentally scroll over a volume slider or a knob, I don’t want that, there is no undo.

Is there a preference to stop Cubase from doing that? I think I saw something like it but it didn’t have it selected and still the scroll wheel was moving knobs and volume sliders.

Thanks in advance.

This is one of the reasons I have not purchased Cubase 7. I found using the scroll wheel in the mixer to be “hazardous”. Especially if the sends or EQ Parameters are open in the Rack.

It has been complained about before by others and there may have been a feature request already (don’t remember as there are so many).


Someone suggested implementing a command key to use this feature so it can’t be done accidentally. Still think that is an excellent idea.

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