moving knobs

hi,i used to left click on a knob in a cubase plugin and move the mouse up or down to move the knob.but for some reason now,the knob jumps more than i want.before if i pulled the mouse down the knob went down slowly,now i have to click at side of knob to get it to move to that value.
i have tried preferences controls,but nothing fixes it.
anyone any suggestions?

Hi you just did an update?

You checked them here to under datatab
sorry only in german :wink: but should be same in english
Greetz Bassbase

dont understand that!

good example of my problem
on prologue,the attack slider,i used to be able to move from left to right using mosue,i cant move it now! only in the envelope box!


What excatly you don’t understand? Did my english sound again like yoda talking?

datatab means
And then my first screen to change the behaviour of the knobs, did you already tryed them?

Since it worked as you wrote, what have you done? change some settings installed new stuff?

Did you already try to trash you cubase preferences to reset them?

make a copy of that folder first

WIndows: Delete Folder C:\Users"Your User Name"\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6

When you now start cubase all should be reseted.

Greetz Bassbase

why do i need to make a copy of the folder?

Just to be safe if you already made adjusment f.e like different colors shortcuts workspaces.

If you haven’t made any adjsutments by yourself you don’t need to keep it.

Greetz Bassbase

yeah i have made adjustments,but if i reset prefs,wots point in keeping a copy of old i not have to set preferences again from scratch?

Details of the preferences

To keep the files as backup may help you to recreate your already made adjustments.
With my link you get the infos what to find where in the preferences

Greetz Bassbase

You can replace the preferences bit by bit, saves you going through everything after resetting them. For instance presets you created are also stored there and would be lost.

ok thanks.

funk man your not using automapping for a novation by any chance are you ?

yes i am using automap.

i think you will find it is automap thats causing the issue ,i had the same issue and uninstalled automap and then instaled the latest beta version of automap which cured the issue , latest version in the link below

regards john

ok i trashed prefs,and have latest beta of still having this problem.
ill state again my prob.
i used to be able to left click on a knob in a cubase plug,hold leftclick and move the cursor up or down anywhere on the screen and the knob moved up or down in a smooth way.
now it jumps in big values,say 33 to 52.5 for example. its a pain.

Did you find the preferences where you can adjust 3 parameters for the knobbehaviour?

Think the screen i posted you are jut in german in english they should be on the same spot

Greetz Bassbase

did you install automap as the last aplication … ?

heres the p for postcount. and no i am not up for post count

I also had this weird knob behaviour after updating to c6.5 only reinstalling as admin for all users (after cleaning regestry ) helöped in my case but my knobs doesn’t want to turn only if i pulled mouse over full screen they moved a bit.
And under the prefences there are 3 way to set the reaction of the knobs.

Greetz Bassbase

hi,i still havent resolved this issue.i got fed up with it and just wasnt using the cubase plugs since.but since i have calmed down a bit,id like to try again!
i am now on 6.5.1 automap 4.4b2 still unable to move the knobs smoothly with the mouse.

really? is no one else having this issue?