Moving Kontakt Player libraries

I apologize if this is not a strictly Dorico-related question, but soon I will have to move both Dorico and all the vst to a new pc and I know that on this forum there is always someone able to help. I would like to know if any of you have already done it and if the following procedure is correct. First you move the libraries to the new PC via external hd, then you download kontakt 7 (or 6) you log in with your account and at that point you locate the libraries again. Thank you!

You move Kontakt using the NI instructions.

Thanx Janus i’ve read the procedure, what is not entirely clear to me is the fact that the article does not specify whether the libraries must be downloaded again or whether it is faster to move them from one PC to another.

no need to download again: Just copy and paste and
follow the procedure to locate the libraries at the new location. etc.

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