Moving libraries

I currently have all my sound files on the same ssd as 10.5 Pro. I have Absolute 4 too which comes with tons of stuff.
If I use the library manager to move sounds out to my hdd will it affect the project playback or do the sounds load into memory so the project doesn’t have to access the disc?

Basically, what can be moved without affecting performance?

Yeah it will run fine using an HHD for the libraries. All the VSTi’s for the most part were developed when HDDs ruled the planet. Opening Projects and loading new VSTi’s will take longer depending on how sample heavy they are.

However the cost of SSDs has been dropping fast and you might want to consider adding another one - 'cause if you are like most of us your sample library is gonna keep growing.

Thank you raino, so they aren’t streamed from the disk as a project plays?

Well some might be, that’s dependent on the manufacturer. But even if they are it will do some buffering. Keep in mind that folks have been recording large track counts of audio to HDDs for a long time and the disks keep up fine. The place you’ll notice a difference in is load times.