Moving licence to new computer -Elements 5

hi all,
I’m sure this is a common question, so maybe someone just needs to be kind enough to point me towards the correct forum post.

My old music computer died and now I want to reinstall Cubase Elements 5 on a new computer. I don’t have access to the old eLicenser to move it over. I have the USB licencer which came with Elements, and thought I installed it fine, but it is telling me that my Cubase has a limited time left. I don’t really understand the difference between the USB licence and the eLicencer, whether I really need both, and there isn’t some obvious button saying “this is a new computer, move licence to this one.”

I will uninstall everything and start again, so if I could get instructions on what to do, that would be great.

If your Cubase Elements license was stored within your old music computer’s Soft-eLicenser, and you cannot access that Computer / Soft-eLicenser anymore, then you need to request a new license via the reactivation procedure.