Moving licence to new computer

Hi – this link doesn’t work.

Try this (the original should redirect anyway) for Reactivation:

This the secondary page, linked from the explanation of the difference between Activation and Reactivation:

I am trying to do this now myself. (Retired from teaching, have a shiny big iMac in my home office, and it makes sense to have Dorico installed there rather than the MacBook I used for teaching.)

I run into a problem at the start of these wonderfully comprehensive instructions: I read “Install your Steinberg software on the new system,” but where do I find a link to install Dorico 3.5 on this desktop computer without buying it a second time?

See or download the Download Assistant from and then download Dorico from within the Download Assistant.

we really need E-licenser Cloud…like Ilok Cloud so we can use dorico on my labtop and my Imac… it is 2020 guys. :cry:

Thank you as always, pianoleo. (I should have thought of Download Assistant on my own… I have no explanation for why I didn’t.) It all worked flawlessly, and way more easily than I had anticipated.

I-Lok cloud appears to not be a good solution for this reason: “This feature requires that the computer is continuously connected to the internet during use. If the internet connection is lost an error message will appear after a few minutes explaining that a valid license must be present to continue using the software.”

I can think of certain use cases where that would be problematic.

No problem at all Rinaldo. And mducharme and Raz2020, I’ve been known to knock up arrangements in Dorico during transatlantic flights and on cruise ships. A continuous internet connection, while generally possible, is prohibitively expensive in such circumstances.

This link is broken

Could you be more specific about which link is broken, @Antkn33?