Moving license from dongle to soft elicenser

I’ve just bought a new laptop & installed Cubase Elements 10 on it. I wanted to transfer the license from my old laptop’s soft elicenser onto this one & so I moved the license from my laptop onto a dongle, thinking that was what I had to do to then move the license from the dongle onto the new laptop’s soft elicenser. Now the license is stuck on the dongle! Why can’t I just move the license onto the new laptop??? I can’t keep carrying the dongle everywhere, firstly I use the laptop for live gigs, & secondly I don’t have enough USB ports on my laptop. Besides, if I lose the dongle, I’ve lost my licenses for Elements 10 & Pro 10!!! Not an option I’m afraid. Can someone please explain how I can get my license for Elements 10 onto the new laptop elicenser please!!?? I don’t want to use a dongle!

Dont think its possible. you can go from Soft to e Licenser but not back.

I think you are hosed

There has to be a way. If I have to use a dongle, I’m screwed. I don’t have any USB ports left. That’s the reason I bought 2 versions of Cubase, so I didn’t have to use the Godforsaken crappy dongle. Archaic junk.

You didn’t need to transfer it to the dongle because now it’s stuck there. Just request a reactivation from your account.It’s pretty easy, i did it a couple of days ago. They will send you a new code to register . Your old one will be dead

Thanks for the info. How do I request a reactivation?

Log in to My Steinberg

It doesn’t work. There are no licenses on the soft elicenser for it to reactivate. The license is on the dongle.

Do you have an account in My Steinberg? Have you registered your products?

yes, all registered. But when I click on reactivate, I’m asked to put in the serial of my soft elicenser or the activation code for Elements 10, then it’s just saying that the elicenser is successfully registered. There is no option to transfer the license to my soft elicenser. I’m going round in circles. Can you be a bit more descriptive please? One sentence answers aren’t really helping, sorry.

Well, i may be wrong and you may only reactivate only a soft elicenser and not one that resides in a usb elicencer-dongle.I guess you have to ask for support from Steinberg, it’s the safest way. I can’t imagine it’s not possible…

according to this it can’t be done… But i would insist for a solution, i find it unacceptable,since you were not aware of this

Thanks. Now the hundred year wait for Steinberg support to reply…

Just imagining all the things I could do with this reasoning if it were valid…

Sure, your reply is publicly availabe in the link posted above.