Moving license from USB dongle to Steinberg Activation Manager

Hi every one,

I just upgrade to Cubase 12 and I can see that the license is now being managed by Steinberg Activation Manager. However, I also have other Steinberg products such as Groove Agents 5, Dorico 3.5 etc. are still being managed by eLicenser Control Center. I just would like to ask whether I can move these products’ license to Steinberg Activation Manager so I don’t need the dongle key anymore.

Thank you very much.


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No you can’t yet. You need to wait until it is announced that products will be moved over from ELC to SAM.

You’ll need to keep your dongle around for a while yet.

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Thanks a lot for your info. I will wait for further update then…

Any update on this??
With Cubase 12 I thought I could free one USB port in my computer and getting rid of the USB dongle but it seems that the licenses can’t be moved from it…

I suggest you check your Steinberg account.
There you may find ‘vouchers’ allowing for an ‘upgrade’ to the Steinberg Licensing, meaning you can then find the licenses in the Steinberg Activation Manager. (SAM)

Dorico 4 is already licensed by the SAM.

Indeed, thanks!
It worked for Transverse but I still have Guitar Harmonics, Alto Glockenspiel and Basic Suite FX that don’t have vouchers and stay stuck on the eLicenser… I hope they will allow the same for the last ones

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I have also been waiting for quite a long time for the Sound & Loop Sets to finally be licensed with SAM. Since Cubase is the host for many other software products, it is of little use to free the host from the dongle if not all embedded products also work without it. When will it finally be the turn of the Sound & Loop Sets?

Currently, it is planned to migrate the Loop Sets gradually during this year. The first batch should happen in summer.

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Guitar Harmonics Essential and Alto Glockenspiel have now migrated to Steinberg Licensing. You can migrate without vouchers - see the instructions in my post below.

Customers who have used Alto Glockenspiel and Guitar Harmonics before will see a voucher Download Access Code for a Steinberg Licensing license in their accounts on Monday.


Thanks for letting me know!

Hi, is anyone else experiencing odd issues with Groove Agent expansions post migration to the new software licensing?

I redeemed the free vouchers for 3 expansions. I migrated them all on a Mac and everything sees to be working fine. But on my old system that has the dongle plugged in, when I launch the DAW I get an error that the expansions are not licensed. However, I don’t get the error when launching Groove Agent stand alone. It seems as if there is a cache somewhere that keeps looking on the dongle for those expansions.

Attached is the error I see.

I tried to see if clearing the below helps but that didn’t do much.

cd %appdata%\Cubase 10.5_64

and deleted

relaunched Cubase.


This has already been explained here:

Yes. I saw that reply, but that reply makes no sense. I am able to use all the expansions on this DAW in both GA standalone as well as in C 10.x as a plugin insert I just get the silly error at C10 startup for just these two expansions. The other ones generate no error. If this was across the board, I would be seeing all my expansions listed in the startup error.

If the Steinberg support devs follow this, it would be cool if they could apply a fix. C 10 may be unsupported. But GA is still an active product and should be supported. This is a GA and new software licensing issue of some kind. It’s as if there is a license cache somewhere that needs to get cleaned out.

As has been said, Groove Agent 5 supports your Steinberg Licensing content licences. The MediaBay component in older versions of Cubase does not.

There is currently no fix other than updating to Cubase 12.