Moving license

What is the procedure for moving one’s license to a different machine?

Also, I have two boot drives in my computer - one with El Capitan and one with Sierra - I don’t suppose there’s a way to use Dorico on either operating system using the soft e-licenser? I suppose I will need to invest in the USB dongle for that.

You will indeed need to use the USB-eLicenser. The process itself is pretty simple: quit Dorico, run eLicenser Control Center, insert your USB-eLicenser, drag the Dorico license onto the USB-eLicenser, follow the prompts on the screen, done. Now your license is on the USB-eLicenser and you can run Dorico on any computer you plug your eLicenser into.

Note that, for now at least, this procedure cannot be reversed, so once the license is on the USB-eLicenser, that’s where it will stay.

And what if I don’t currently have a USB licenser? Is that required to move licenses?

Yes, it is. You can buy empty USB-eLicensers not only from our online shop, but also from our resellers, so check who can ship one to you most quickly.

Hi Daniel,

Is this the standard for Steinberg software? Or is this going to be corrected. At this time we cannot go back and forth on machines. If we install/register on a machine we can change our minds ONCE and move it to another machine via the elicenser. I sure hope that it is made clear to whomever thinks that it would be great as a temporary option.

Please, clarify this. The whole dongle thing is a deal breaker for some, this would make matters worse if it is a one way street.


Yes, this is standard right now.
And to be more precise - and you probably don’t like to hear this - you don’t move the license to a different machine, but onto the USB eLicenser. Once it is on the USB eLicenser, you can’t move it away from it anymore.
So with the license on the USB eLicenser you can run Dorico on any machine, but the dongle has to be connected.
Once the Dorico license is on a dongle, it’s always on a dongle.

Are there any plans to change this at some point in the future? I can recall Daniel mentioning at some point that there were plans to make it possible to move the license back from the dongle to a computer (in response to people who didn’t like the concept of having to always take their dongle with them).


Yes, the plan is that this will change at some point in the future.

Almost 5 years later: is it possible now to move a license from a dongle to a computer?

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Not yet. The licensing system is being worked upon (for some lengthy months now…) but the process is not over…