Moving licneces

Hi, I am on 9.5 LE on my main computer and bough the Pro crossgrade and will be getting the USB eLicencer soon. I assume its doable and legal to move the software based elicence and 9.5 LE to a laptop and them just install Pro 10 and the USB eLicnecer on the main computer as they are not tied together in any way. Is there a link to a tutorial on how to cleanly remove software licence and move it to another computer without requesting new activation keys? I will be moving 9.5 LE from OS X to a Windows platform.

You won’t have a Cubase LE licence left to move after applying your crossgrade. When you crossgrade one edition of Cubase to a higher edition, crossgrade Cubase Pro to Nuendo, or version upgrade to a newer edition of a Steinberg product, the new licence replaces your old one.

You can move the Cubase Pro licence from machine to machine by plugging in the USB eLicenser.

A crossgrade is not from one edition of Cubase to an other, thatˋs an upgrade.
Going to a newer edition of a Steinberg product is an update, as long as it´s not an upgrade.

If you really bought a crossgrade from a 3rd party software, you can move the LE version to a different computer. Not without requesting a new activation code though. There is a software reactivation wizard on the Steinberg sote, that explains the procedure.

The language of upgrades and crossgrades is not always the clearest and users do not always use the terms in the same way as Steinberg does. It is less ambiguous to talk about which product you are moving from and to - unfortunately telecode did not make it clear what product their new Cubase Pro licence was based on.

If telecode is moving from Cubase LE to Cubase Pro, there will be no Cubase LE licence after applying the upgrade activation code. The Cubase Pro licence on the USB eLicenser would allow Cubase LE to run. Any transaction that changes a Steinberg product into a later version and/or more capable product results in the previous licence being replaced - this includes crossgrading Cubase Pro to Nuendo, which involves giving up the Cubase Pro licence and losing the ability to run Cubase. This is not as much of an issue as it once was as, other than lacking support for VST Transit, Nuendo 10 is a superset of Cubase Pro 10 - though it surprises those who mistakenly think that they can crossgrade to Nuendo then either transfer or sell the Cubase Pro licence they used to own.

If telecode crossgraded a competitor product to Cubase Pro, the Cubase LE licence remains available for use and can be moved to another destination. The licence of the competitor product also remains in force. In this scenario, the correct way ahead is to register the eLicenser containing the Cubase LE licence if it is not already registered then, as you say, use the Reactivate feature of My Steinberg to get a new Cubase LE activation code for the intended destination computer.

With no mention of a competitor product, I understood telecode as being in the first of these scenarios. You, quite rightly, took “crossgrade” as implying the second scenario.

Yes, I have Cubase LE and the software based eLicenser. I bought the crossgrade Pro based on another DAW I have and will be installing and activating the product on a USB eLicenser dongle. I assume the LE product is not related to the Pro. Once I installed the USB dongle, does it take over every license in the computer, including the LE license? What I would like to do is leave the USB dongle on the main desktop computer and just use the 9.5 LE as a mobile station without having to keep moving the dongle.

It is as I wrote before. Your Pro crossgrade license goes to the USB eLicenser, your LE soft eLicense is independent from the Pro license and can be installed on a different computer, following the re-activation wizard.

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Hi everyone, i’ve just bought a cubase Pro 10 ( download version ) and i’ve not downoad it yet and have not receive the elicenser yet. my question is ; can i download both mac osx version and windows 7 version and use both of them since i have an imac at home and a PC in the studio and that with just moving the usb elicenser from home to the studio ? Thanx