Moving Metere but no sound [C6.5.5]


Meters are moving, midi is recognized, from what i can see im not getting any audio output.

I boot up my computer, downloaded a VST (TyrellN6 V3), installed VST, Start Cubase, open downloaded vst and no sound. i see the meters moving just no sound.

I still have sound on my computer i.e youtube, mp3’s, etc.
I tried different vst’s
I tried different audio setups like ASIO DirectX Full Duplex, etc.
My current interface (UR28M) buffer is at 512 and bringing it up or down doesnt do anything.

what happened? :confused:
did i miss anything obvious? :confused:

Any help is appreciated

Have you checked that your Audio Device setting is correct?

Devices>VST Connections (F4)>Outputs


no, no i did not, because im an idiot. lol. facepalm

thank you :blush: