moving midi 256th notes or higher

why is it theres a limit to moving around the notes at 128ths? i can hear when things are out by 256ths of a beat. so can there be a way to update and correct this.

Set your MIDI display resolution higher. The limit is 1000 ticks per 1/16, so have fun!

instructions on how to do this please

File → Preferences → MIDI → MIDI Display Resolution 1/16 = xxx ticks

If you use this, there is 1/128 maximum in the quantization or grid too.

In the Quantize Panel, you can choose 1/128, and use Tuplets. If you use 1/128 and 2 Tuplest, you will get 1/256. If you ue 1/128 and 4 Tuplets, you will get 1/512, etc. You can save these settings with your own name. For example very logical 1/256 and 1/512. :wink:

Is this, what you asked?

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is that precise?

Of course, it is.