Moving MIDI notes duplicates and changes length. Help!

Major problem here! I must have accidently pressed a setting or something. Whenever I move midi notes to adjust the length, it not duplicates things and then moves them at different lengths. Hopefully somebody can help here!

Please see the 2 attached phones. “Before shows the notes as recoreded in”. All I want to do is drag the last chord ( F1,G#1, and C2) so the notes fill the entire bar. So all I did was highlight those notes, and dragged the ends to the end of the bar to bar 5. The “after” photo shows what it does instead.

Also when I try to delete notes, say the first chord in this example, it pushes the entire progression to the left and puts the first chord behind bar 1 instead of deleting. This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.


When the event’s position exceeds part’s boundary, Cubase should ask you, if you want to Move Anyway or Enlarge Part. Does this message open? Did you enable “Please, don’t ask again” on this dialog in the past?

Yes it does say that still if I exceed the boundary. But in this example, I’m not. All I did was drag the notes so they’re one bar even. Or in my second image, I literally just deleted the notes and that happened.

I can’t even move a midi note without it acting wierd. Like at the end of this video, it snaps to the other side.


You have activated a filter of the MIDI Notes. Disable the “house” symbol from the Tool bar. If this is what do you mean by wired.

Hey Martin,

That’s not it. I’m surprised I have to explain further what I mean by “weird” lol. Weird as in I can’t click and drag a note anywhere like I used to. Or I can’t delete a note without it moving notes and shifting them. and I can’t even select notes, and drag them. Please see new video. This just started happening this morning and I have no idea what I switched.

Forgot to hit reply… Please see below.

This is happening due to Shuffle being set as the snap type.


You are a life saver! Thank you so much. That would have taken me days to figure out.