Moving MIDI Notes


When I click and drag MIDI notes they are moved to what appears to be a quantize value or part thereof.

Can we instead move notes up and down the piano display without moving from side to side?

Most annoying for a newly minted composer of music such as myself.

Grab the note, move it up or down, then hold CTRL before releasing the note. It should lock it vertically.
Just in case you are on Mac (not specified) use Command. OP Manual, p. 496.

It does, but I’d rather the default be to not use quantize.


Aloha f
Here is what I do:

1-Turn off ‘snap’.(in the Menu Bar)
2-Select the note(s).
3-Use the arrow keys to move note(s) up or down.
and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.


Ok, but would that not effect how for example drum notes are dealt with in drum maps (which I’d argue should be dealt with separately)?


What we are really talking about is ‘MIDI Events’.

If you did the above movement on a piano track it would only change the note,
but on a drum track the same procedure would change the ‘sounding’ instrument.

Your 1st post was about keeping these MIDI events ‘aligned’ up and down the piano roll.
This would do just that.


Thanks for replying.

I meant when you turn off snap.

Maybe I misunderstand your goal but, I just tried this on C6.5.5 and with SNAP ON, and a note that is NOT lined up with the snap setting, if I move it vertically, initially, it aligns with the snap setting. But, then, if I press CTRL it immediately “jumps” to the same time position it was on originally.

Again, perhaps I misunderstand, but quantize has no bearing on the vertical “lock” modifier key (CTRL).

No, that’s right but when you need to move literally dozens of notes per hour, such as when transposing parts manually it gets a bit tiring.

In other words the mouse is not an instrument and my view is it should NOT effect note placement in and of itself.

In addition the function should not require a modifier and really it goes to how there is a difference between what developers see as functional and what users actually require.

You can also use relative snap by the way.

And it seems like the requested feature changed topics like 3 times.

In the ME … You can use ctrl to lock horizontal position as you move note events up. You can also use the arrow key with relative mode on without having to worry about snapping to the grid.

Drums are an entire different issue, but have similar combinations that will work just this way.

The MIDI events in the project window is an entire different issue, but have similar combinations that will work just this way.

Ding, DIng, Ding… I have never used it before but I just tried it and I think this is the solution!
Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

I checked in the manual but there’s no information about this that I could find.

Check for the Snap mode called, “grid relative”.
Page 53 in the OP manual.