Moving midi parts to another section with different tempo

I want to copy a midi part to another part of the song that is in a different tempo (but same time signature throughout) but when I put the part into the section with the new tempo, it stays in the old time, over the new time (hope that makes sense) so is not on the grid as it was in the original tempo.
Is it in some musical mode, or something? I don’t use a hell of a lot of midi, I did this before with strings and ended up nudging all the parts so they fitted, which took way too long!! I assume I’m in some silly mode that someone will be able to point out straight away…
Thanks in advance.

Did you looked around tempo track or tempo editor ?
You may also try to only copy events in the new place (notes and controlers if needed).

Surely if I move a bar of midi it should relate to the new tempo and stay on grid? I don’t really know what else to look for. I understand Musical Mode for audio, but cannot figure this out…

Could it be that the track is in Linear time base rather than musical?


Really not sure… I understand musical mode in audio parts but this is a midi part on an instrument track. Can’t see anything in he info line to suggest anything about modes… (thanks for replying, btw)

You are absolutely right, been using Cubase for years but never used that function. Thanks Steve.

Select the track, then look in the inspector (left zone). You’ll see either a clock or a quarter note on yellow background.
Quarter note = Musical
Clock = Linear



Yep. Got it. Easy when you know how!! Thanks for replying!!

MIDI Parts do not have a Mode setting. However they always behave like an Audio Event set to Musical Mode.

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That’s why I got confused. It’s the time base thing. Not something I have needed to use before, so I have happily learned something. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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