Moving Mix Consel to a 2nd monitor

I have two monitors and cannot get the mix consel to move to 2nd screen. The transport will move but not the mix consel. Cubase 7.0.6

2 Option for you : right clic on the console And choose “always on the top” or choose "full screen console on monitor 2/3/4…
Et voilà !

Yes, but you cannot maximize on the second screen.

:bulb: Ok “always leave on top” allowed me to move to the 2nd screen and also lets me resize on 2nd screen. Cool you the man!

On the top right of the console you have a menu where you can have your “full screen console” on the monitor you want.

What s full screen mode if it’s not maximizing ?


On two monitors, maximizing would spread the mixer across both monitors and also include all the MS Windows widgets like the bar across the top of the mixer window with the close window button (X) in the upper right corner, and the Windows taskbar along the bottom, etc. Full screen would spread the mixer across a single monitor without any of the MS Windows stuff showing. It takes up the entire monitor just like watching YouTube in full screen mode.

Hear, hear raino speaks!