Moving Mixer window to my 2nd monitor

Hi, good people,
I’m actually using C7, but the procedure is probably the same for 8…

I have the main Project window on my primary monitor. I want to move the Mixer window outside the Project boundary, and put it on my secondary monitor. But when I try to move the Mixer window, it’s constrained to the borders of the main Project window. How can I “release” it from this constraint, and move it to the second monitor?

If I open effect/synth plug-ins, I can easily move those to the second monitor, no problem, but not the Mixer window. I managed to achieve what I want in some other projects last year, but I’ve forgotten how I did it, and haven’t found a reference in the manual so far.



Exactly this is the reason, why has been the window handling changed since Cubase 8. Since Cubase 8, you can move any window freely.

You need to take the main Cubase background Window - not the Project Window, but the Window that holds the other Windows - and set it to normal instead of maximized. Next drag the edges to resize it so it fills both monitors. Now you can put any Cubase Window anywhere within this background Window.

While this works it is kind of a hassle to deal with. And if your monitors are of different sizes it’s even worse. Like Martin said this is resolved in C8 and above.