Moving Multi-Bar Rests Between Frames/ Systems

I’m running into a little formatting issue in Dorico 2.1 (I ran into this in Dorico 2 as well). I can’t for the life of me combine a multi-bar rest at the end of a piece with a frame (pic attached). I select the first note of the previous frame that I’m trying to add the muti-bar rest to, then select the multi-bar rest and click ‘Make Into Frame’. Usually this would pop the errant multi-bar rest over to the page before and voila everything would look great. But it doesn’t do anything. I tried turning multi-bar rests off and doing the same thing with the last bar of the piece and no dice. I also tried ‘Make Into System’ with the same result. Any ideas?

You’ve probably already set a Make Into Frame or a Make Into System somewhere.
Turn those signposts on so you can see what you’re doing. Delete extraneous system and frame breaks.
Then put a Frame Break at the start of bar 92 and (in the bottom properties panel) instruct it to Wait for next frame break. That’ll force the multirest onto page 3.
Then if need be, put a System Break at the start of bar 116 and instruct it to Wait for next system break (or next frame break - either should work).