Moving Multiple Notes in Editor

Hi everyone.
Let’s say I played two measures of MIDI piano. And now I want to shift the entire section down a whole step.

Here is how I’d LIKE to accomplish this:

  • double-click the segment (opening up the segment in the editor)
  • select all
  • and then drag the notes down a whole step.

Unfortunately, when I try to drag multiple notes, there’s no control… the entire section shoots all over the place. Is there a KEY COMMAND to NUDGE the selected notes up or down?

PS. This isn’t just for MIDI, as this same thing occurs if, say, I am trying to move multiple audio notes in the editor.

Up or down arrows will move the selected notes up or down.

To drag just vertically hold the Cntrl/Cmd key whilst dragging.

Hey Nic.
Cheers for that. That does indeed work brilliantly in MIDI. And actually, the arrows work well in audio as well. For some reason, I hadn’t succeeded when I tried that before. I have a feeling my cursor wasn’t focused in the Editor window, and the up and down arrows were simply choosing new tracks above.

Anyhow, it’s still pretty darn finicky when trying to move anything w. any sort of nuance. If you were, say, trying to pitch a section very specifically, it’s very difficult. To answer the obvious question, I find the pitch and warp section sounds far better than PITCH plugin (even at its most complex settings), which is why I am trying to go this route. Again, wish there were a NUDGE function.

Nudge: cmd+arrow keys

Hi Mbira,
That doesn’t work for me. I use that particular brand of nudge when I am nudging segments above in the main window. But when working in the editor, that doesn’t work (at least for me). Trying to nudge a group of notes (or even a single note) down in the editor simply moves the larger section above in the main window.

I am trying to nudge groups of notes down in the editor.
Any ideas would be most appreciated!

Hmmm, should work (it does here). Check the keystroke hasn’t been changed in the Key Commands menu perhaps? Nudge this way should move the selected notes depending on the settings of the Quantize (it may also depend on the Snap settings, it used to I think).

Yeah, gosh… that just doesn’t work for me. I even went back into the Key Commands and made sure they were all assigned correctly. LEFT = COMMAND + LEFT ARROW, etc Still, it moves the entire section above.

Up and down works, though it’s not much of a nudge. For pitch, for instance, it’s a half step.

Sorry man-not sure why it wouldn’t work for you. Good luck!