Moving multiple text frames problem

I was watching some of the videos that Dorico has on YouTube and I came across a problem I can’t seems to solve. During the video about engraving the instructor said that by choosing multiple text frames in order to make room at the top of the page to insert a new text frame you had to use cmd click to first activate all 3 frames and then pull all 3 down. For some reason this simple command doesn’t work. I can activate all 3 frames but as soon as I try to pull them down the one on which I am pulling becomes no longer active. The other 2 move leaving the 3rd in place. I assume the the cmd has to be held down while pulling, however I tried all variations of cmd, alt and shift and none of them will move all of the frames. I’ve never seen this problem before. Multiple cmd and dragging has always been a simple process, so maybe I haven’t understood how it works in Dorico. I watched the video in Dorico several times and I’m doing everything he says. Anyone have a any ideas? Thanks

Hello again, OK, I think I figured it out. It kind of works but not as it usually does with select and drag. Anyways I have it.