Moving multiple text frames simultaneously

does anyone know how do I move multiple text frames around simultaneously in Engrave Mode? If I select multiple frames and try to drag them it only expands one of the frames…

I’d like to have 2 columns both containing 7 text frames all with the same spacing in between them, so that’s why I want to copy and move all of them from the left of the page to the right.

Please help if you can!

They should all move if you use the key commands rather than dragging - generally, dragging will only apply to one item but key commands can apply to multiple. I’ll double-check this when I’m next in front of Dorico though.

Alt/Opt-arrows for smaller moves, Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-arrows for larger moves.

Edit: I’ve just seen your comment on a very similarly-titled thread. Try not to post the same question multiple times, as it can split responses and makes it harder for others to track!


I just create frames in approximate positions and dimensions and then use the properties panel to size and position them properly.


Thanks, I’ll try that!

I just posted it twice bc I wasn’t sure if the other thread would get any views/reach at all, since it hasn’t been active for a long time. But I’ll delete it since I got the help I needed here :slightly_smiling_face: