Moving music between projects

I’m wondering what it will be like to copy music from one Dorico project to another. In Product A, this has been a big issue for me, especially when there are frequent time signature changes involved. Before copying, I need to create the exact number of blank bars with each time signature in the destination file, and if I accidentally make the wrong number of bars I end up with a mess of ties. I remember seeing a demo of Dorico where tied notes are automatically rejoined depending on the context, which is along the lines of what I’m thinking of.

A related question: will it be possible to turn a flow into its own project, or to move individual flows between projects?

We don’t have any of these workflows developed yet, so at the moment each Dorico project is something of an island, but the way the program is designed is intended to accommodate the easy transfer of style settings from one project to another, the easy merging of flows from different projects together into a single one, or indeed the extraction of one or more flows from one project into a new project. I doubt any/all of these workflows will be enabled in the first release, but it’s a high priority and we will start to build them in as soon as we can.

Hi Daniel:

A somewhat related question: will it be possible to have multiple projects open at the same (similar to Sibelius, but e.g. something that is not possible in Pro Tools)?


Yes, you can have multiple projects open, but only one project will be active for playback at any time; you can manually activate another project by clicking the appropriate button in one of the document windows belonging to the project you now want to activate for playback (which will trigger the loading of the necessary virtual instruments etc.).

Thanks Daniel; the point about only one project playing back at the same time makes perfect sense; that is the way it is with every single DAW program. So long as we are able to copy and paste from one project to the next, without computer crashes.