Moving music from Cubase to Dorico problem

I write my music in Cubase and I want to do the final editing in Dorico, but I could not figure out how to move my midi files from Cubase to Dorico. I looked it up and people would say the best thing to do was go into the score editor and export the music as an XML file, then put that file into Dorico. Anyway, no matter what I do ‘Export s as XML File’ never shows up in any of the Export options.

Hello you can export your cubase project as a Midifile and import it to Dorico. if you can describe your needs better, it will be easier to provide you with a guide for your specific needs

When I export the tracks in Cubase as a midi file it does work, but only for 2 tracks. I write for many players so I may need as many as 20 tracks. I’m not sure if there is a way to open Dorico in Cubase or not, but so far the only way I see is that the tracks I made as midi files in Cubase (up to 20 tracks) can only be moved, is through exporting them in some way, and then moving them to Dorico. The only options in my export subpanel are to export a: ‘Audio mixdown’ or ‘Video’ or ‘MIDI File’ or ‘Notepad Data’ and sometimes ‘MIDI loop’ is an option. In videos I have watched other Cubase users have more export options (like exporting XML files). I am using Cubase Elements 11. I’m not sure if Artist or Pro versions of Cubase are required to export XML Files or not. I am using Dorico to edit the notes before printing out the sheet music. Any information would be useful.

That’s a Cubase Pro feature.

Is there a way to move my MIDI tracks from Cubase Elements to Dorico without upgrading to Cubase Pro?

As @Italyuser described,