Moving my Cubase LE6 on a new laptop


How can I move my Cubase LE6 on a new laptop? Do I need to buy this USB Key Licenser: ?


No, you do not need a key. Follow these instructions for reactivation…

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Thanks! So I guess all I need is the installation CD… I have no idea where it is, but hopefully I find it.

I only see an update download for CB LE 6 at this link.

So, if you can’t find your CD just ask for a download link here on the forum and hopefully Martin will be able to assist.

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Thankfully I found it. So for Windows 8 I just need to install the update, after installing the program again on the new laptop, right?

Also thanks a lot !:slight_smile:

If you found your CD or a link with the full CB LE6 installer, install it. Then follow the instructions for reactivation. Once activated then install the update if necessary.

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