Moving Notes between different parts in key editor


I wonder if there is a way to move notes to a different part in the key editor, if you open several parts at once.
I mean, you can select the “Currently Edited Part”, but that does not move the selected notes over to it. Is there any trick? It would be quite useful.


Just Copy, Cut and Paste, I’m afraid.

Cut & Paste does only work, if the playback position is at the beginning of the first note. But it’s a workaround.

(so… while the notes to be pasted are still selected, hit “L”… puts the cursor at the beginning of the selection :wink: )

That should be easy enough.

But having part as a parameter in the Info line would make it even easier.

What I find helpful in this situation is to set the ‘EVENT COLORS’ to ‘Part’

Then you can see each part’s data more clearly.

Agree, I’m using the same always.