Moving notes in a tuplet


I don’t think this was happening in Dorico 4. I’m using the shortcut to move further the notes by the rhythmic grid value (an 8th note).

As far as I remember, there have always been some situations where moving notes don’t work correctly with tuplets, but it seems worst since Dorico 5.

I was wondering if this issue will be definitely addressed in a future version of Dorico.

Another thing I noticed, when you double click on a rest in a tuplet, it systemically enables the quarter note value no regard to the value of the rest. This was fixed in a previous version but I went back on Dorico 5. :frowning:



Another example, with chord mode activated.

Assuming you want to move the tuplet and not just the notes, you need to select the tuplet number (the “3”) before using alt-shift right arrow.

I actually want to move the notes inside the tuplet or inside a series of tuplets

There are no changes in these behaviours in Dorico 5 compared with previous versions. When you use Alt+left/right to move notes, Dorico will move them according to the regular rhythmic grid, not according to the tuplet-specific rhythmic grid of the tuplet in force at the start of the selection. When you double-click to start note input, Dorico always chooses a quarter note.

Hi Daniel,
This is not true.

I just did the same thing in Dorico 4.3 and it works well (see the screenshot below).
Also, in Dorico 4.3, double clicking on a rest inside a tuplet enables the right rhythmic value and not systematically a quarter note. This is and something I pointed out in Dorico 3, that was fixed in 3.5 or 4. But it went back to the inconsistent behaviour in Dorico 5

EDIT : I just opened again a Dorico 5 projet and now it works fine. It seems there was a temporary bug that made it a mess like in my first post. I can’t explain why. However the thing on double clicking on a rest inside a tuplet is still valid. Dorico 4 and Dorico don’t act the same.