Moving notes in Sample Editor (basic)

I have an audio note or two which needs moving. I can select it but no instructions I can find allow me to shift it. Help please.

Gar :blush:


In the Sample Editor, open the VariAudio tab, and enable Pitch & Warp. Then Resize the event from left and then from right. You cannot move the same way as a MIDI Notes, but the result of the resizing of the beginning and the end, is the same.

Thanks Martin, I opened the VariAudio tab and selected Pitch (No pitch and warp on this Cubase{8.5 Pro}) but couldn’t figure how to resize. I will solve the problem later by Punching in and out for the errors and replaying them, but I certainly need to learn how to move bits of audio around too. I’m sure it should be simple, just haven’t found such instructions in any of the quick start dvds or the manual. But, that said, thanks for your help. I will get there eventually. All the best… Gar…

IIRC, you select Segments to define and move/stretch/shrink the notes then go back to pitch to change the pitch of individual segments.

Thanks. I was using the wrong tab for VariAudio. Used the correct one and I have done all the required changes. Assistance appreciated. Gar