Moving/nudging staff text objects vertically

How might I move/nudge staff text objects vertically. Seems they only move horizontally. I am not referring to Text frames in Engrave.

Alt-up/down arrow.

To add to what Dan said, you must be in Engrave Mode since it is a visual only change.

And another caveat: Since engrave mode operates only on page view, in galley view you don’t see the adjusted positions. Only in page view.

That’s a revelation. Thank you. I do notice that the nudging changes do not transfer to other layouts. For instance, I have full score and reduced score layouts. I entered the staff text in full score and it appeared in the reduced score, but the nudges did not transfer. Should they? Can they? Thanks again.

You can set the scope in the Properties Panel to Local or Global. If scope was local, you can Edit > Propagate Properties to transfer to other Layouts.


I am cogitating on this. A bit much to get my mind around but I will persist. On another matter, as I am working in this score I have discovered the Cue feature and am using it and it is flat out spectacular!