Moving over from Kontakt

Hi there,

We’ve been using Kontakt for a number of years (before that GigaStudio) in Cubase and, like many, I’ve always found the Kontakt UI and workflow somewhat frustrating. I work with someone who’s looking for a simpler interface to access their sounds (largely Kontakt libraries but also some Giga sounds and converted Akai libraries).

The thought of switching over to Halion has been on my mind for some time. I imagine certain things would integrate more smoothly into Cubase, namely the Mediabay/searching for sounds functions (there’s about 1TB of samples to plough through). I wanted to get peoples thoughts who might’ve “switched teams” and how they find working in Halion vs. Kontakt.

I’m also wondering about how the more complex Kontakt patches with scripting translate to Halio, and if there’s any issues to be aware of there. basically, is Halion simpler to work than Kontakt?


Kontakt scripting will not translate over, and of course protected libraries certainly will not. Sorry to be the bearer of that news…

Aloha guys just to chime in.

The thought of switching over to Halion has been on my mind for some time.

Why not just use both?
I use both NI and HS stuff along with SampleTank and find
that the three sound sources really complement each other.

Agreed that after all these years the NI UI is still ‘kludgy’ but
IMHO the sounds more than make up for it.

Good luck!

Thanks for the replies. This is not so much for my own use as I know Kontakt fairly well, but for the person I’m working with to be able to use easily when Im not there. Not being able to use those particular libraries in Halion pretty much kills the idea I’m afraid. How does the Halion Orchestral library stackup compared to some of the higher end third-party Kontakt libraries? Its not so much the libraries were after, but a simpler, cleaner interface and integration. We also use Omnisphere and a bunch of other Romplers like Engine. Its mainly to easily access some older libraries which are not protected or contain scripting. We could use it for that but it seems a little overkill. I used to use SampleLord for this purpose with Giga sounds when GS went bust, but were now on Mac so I think thats out.

Sounds to me like that person has a learning curve that needs to be conquered.

That is true, but that is the situation that I have :slight_smile:

Got it!