Moving Pages in Setup Mode

I was trying to move pages(affected with Page Overrides) around in setup mode for my Songbook Project.
While moving pages, it seems that the page structure (frame changes) does not move with the page, so that all the manual frame work with pictures and text added to the pages mixed up.
How would I be able to put in order pages in a different sequence after copying and editing?

When you re-order flows in Setup mode, that doesn’t automatically move page arrangements – that’s because the latter (whether that’s page overrides, page template changes, flow heading changes etc) are locked to specific pages rather than a particular bit of music.

You can swap page overrides with neighbouring pages, and if you do that multiple times in the same direction for one override, you can essentially “move” it all the way along pages in a layout. But I’d recommend being a bit slow-and-steady when looking at that, and perhaps work in a copy of your project file (so in case you end up in a muddle, you can go back to your original).

Although always working in page templates can be a bit fiddly, this is one of their benefits: if your arrangement of frames is “saved” on a page template, it’s much easier to remove that page template from, and re-assign it to, pages as and when you need to.

In addition to what Lillie said, it’s best to have your pages/flows in the exact order you want them to be, BEFORE you start doing manual edits to each specific page (those edits are locked to that PAGE number, not the music itself).

The other option is to export it as a PDF file, and do page rearrangement in a separate PDF editor. Then your edit would be locked to each exported page, and will move accordingly. (I’ve not done this yet, but there are others on the forum who do it extensively.)

I have the same issue. I do education books for my students - which is a creative procedure - meaning sometimes I have to put ideas in-between and move pages.
It would be a great help, to get the feature to move pages with overrides within a document or to turn a pages with changes (pictures, text etc) into a master page.
I know, that I can create a master page out of my edited page by creating one with all of the values etc. - but this is double work…

Maybe that feature could be considered in future updates - would be a great time saver for a lot of us, I think.

I completely agree. It’s also often easier to edit frame sizes and positions on a “real” page, than on a masterpage template. If you could export/safe this edited page as a new masterpage would be great.

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That is a very good idea that has already been suggested on the forum. I agree it would be very nice!

I’ve been requesting and hoping for that as well for a while alongside chaining frames by having sort of a master frame, gotta admit I was really hoping v5 would be able to do that, let’s cross fingers for subsequent 5.x ?

Having page edits follow their flows around would be alot more useful. I’ve mostly stopped using flows because of this problem.