Moving pages problem


Trying to move the last 2 pages of a 36 page score to the middle (after page 17).
I tried to do it in the pages section, but nothing happens.
(Right click on page 36 and ask to move it after page 17.)
I suppose there is a simple solution but as I am new to Dorico…



You can’t move pages with music on them, but you can move page overrides or pages with e.g. page template changes on them. What exactly are you trying to do? If you say a little more about the situation you find yourself in, we should be able to help.

Ok. I imported several scores (import flows) to make a book, and that went well.
So far 36 pages. But I’d like to insert page 35 and 36 between page 16 and 17.
Page 35 en 36 have the little red triangle.

You want to change it so that the flow currently on pages 35 and 36 ends up on pages 16 and 17? If so, reordering the flows in the Flows panel in Setup mode would be the right way to go.

Ok thank you for helping me out so quick.
This seems to work for me.