Moving pages with Text and Music Frames

Hi! I’m still a little confused here… Let’s say I have something that looks like this (attached) and I want to move the pages around without displacing the text frames everywhere else in the document… is there something I need to do? I understand how to move notation around, but every time I do something, for example use PAGES, CMD/Click, MOVE, chaos ensues with the text frames.

Can’t you just move the pages in Engrave mode in the pages panel on the right hand side of the page?

Yes, if these are changes you’ve made locally (as a page override), you can swap them with neighbouring pages.

Hi Lilly. Thank you for your reply. Yes, when I do so the text frames from all over the document wind up all over the place. Am I locking them improperly? (I’ve read through similar topics, and have a feeling that I’m new enough to the program that I think I’m doing something and I’m not.). :blush: To be clear, with my ADHD, I have about 80 pages of material that needs to be reorganized, so lot’s of shuffling will be involved.

Unfortunately you’re not missing anything here. You probably drew those text frames directly onto the page, creating page overrides. In that case, you’ll find that the overrides will cause some difficulty when you swap pages.

I’ve done this sort of thing a fair amount, and I do find it slightly easier to create master pages for all of the various formats I think I might use, such as “bottom 2/3 text” or “top 1/3 text.” It does make it a good bit faster.

Did you separate sections into flows?

Hi Dan,

I had a feeling you were going to say this. I precariously started writing and laying things out just as you say. So it looks like cutting the pages up into flows will be the only remedy – I started to do that and was hoping there would be a work around. (Even with a brand new iMac, it definitely makes the computer think!)

Sorry, yes. I’ve been there. You learn the better way to set it up next time when that happens!

It would be fantastic for a user to be able to establish sequential vertical relationships between the music frames above and below a given text (or image) frame. This relationship would permit the related frames of disparate type to dynamically span across pages vertically as the content inserted within any given frame increases or decreases, or if a page break is added to any of the frame types. Such a feature would make the book I’m working on within Dorico much easier and faster to complete.