Moving Parts on Project Area or Key Editor Creates Unwanted Copies

This new behavior popped up out of nowhere…

In either the key editor or the project area, if I use the normal selector tool and drag the event or the part to a new location, it duplicates that part and copies it to that location. I don’t want duplicate parts. I just want to move selected parts/ events to the new location on the time line.

I’m sure I pressed/ selected some option by mistake. And now I dont know where to look to unselect it.

Any help would be much appreciated!



By default, to duplicate the part, you have to hold down Ctrl/Cmd. Please, check your Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Drag and Drop settings.

Thank you Martin… I shut off my Pc and restarted it… Its all back to normal now… I dont really know why it was behaving theway it did…

I owe you a few beers for all the help youve given me… Thank you sir!