Moving playback line with mouse

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I think sometime (if not oftentime) it would be very useful being able to move the green playback line with the mouse/trackpad (maybe with SHIFT/ALT/CTRL pressed if necessary), rather than move my hand off the mouse/trackpad and press some keyboard keys.

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One can, of course, click a single notehead with the mouse and then press P with the other hand.

Sorry it’s not what I meant.

Please explain further then.

You can already do “scrubbing” with Option Space, which will play the music under the pointer. When you stop, playback will continue from wherever you stopped.

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Also note there is Play > Play from Last Start Position, Shift-Space.

Between that, select–P, and scrubbing, it seems everything is covered.

Thank you all for your comments but… probably I was not clear on what I need, so I try here to explain it better.
The the green playhead is large and always in the foreground, meaning that, when playback is stopped, it always hides what is behind it. What I was asking is the possibility to move the playhead with the mouse not necessarily to define a new playback start position, but most often to reveal what is behind it (a note, an accidental, etc.), or just make the score more readable.
From the documentation I’ve seen it is possible to “hide playhead when stopped”, and that is an option that I’ll try now. My is a request for a further way to just move the playhead from its current position using the mouse, because I’m already about to select something behind the playhead with it.
I hope to have clarified my intent.

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No, you can’t drag the playhead itself. I’d recommend just hiding it if it’s not playing.

The ‘.’ on the num pad will send it back to the start. That’s how I move it out of the way in the exact situation you describe.

Gotcha. Also, the \ key will hide the green bar for as long as you hold it down, along with anything else non-printable like signposts or comment markers. While the preference option may work great, there is always that occasional situation where \ is very handy.

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I fully understand this – it is a playhead behavior very familiar in all DAWs (and also video software, anything with a ‘timeline’ methodology). Typically when you grab the playhead using the mouse in these programs, it moves with you. While not essential and something to get used to when adjusting to Dorico, the behavior can feel nice and intuitive without having to use a separate shortcut (‘p’ play from selection), or really without the need of any additional modifier keys. You should be able to drag where you want to play and hit spacebar and it will play from there.

I was aware of scrubbing but don’t use it all that often, it seems kind of closer to that behavior with the added sound factor.

The only issue is that scrubbing shortcut does not work within the play tab or key editor. I think being able to swiftly and smoothly move the playhead within those modes, similar to how you might in Cubase, would be fantastic and a smoother experience, especially for any of us who bounce back and forth between Notation and DAWs.

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I don’t see a great difference between dragging and pressing SPACE vs. clicking and pressing P.

I suppose, out of habit having worked in DAWs for decades, my left hand thumb is always parked over the spacebar, in my hand’s natural resting position (and right hand is on the mouse/trackpad ready to move the playhead), and reaching for P is less natural/intuitive for me being in a less immediate and convenient location of the keyboard. I’m not saying it’s hard, just that it takes getting used to compared to behavior one is familiar with in other timeline-based applications which always use spacebar to play from the playhead (thus you move the playhead where you want with your other hand) - unless set in an otherwise playback mode (such as play from previous location etc). It’s a very small thing though, after using Dorico for the past two years I’m getting used to such differences.

I completely agree with you. I’m a Logic and Final Cut user and yes the idea was taken from there.

When speaking of desktop applications (web and phone/tablet ones are different) there are always users that prefer using keyboard shortcuts, and others that instead prefers using the mouse/trackpad to achieve the same goals. They are using different workflows, and one is not better than the other: just some people find more comfortable using one way than the other.

Moreover in my scenario, I don’t want to play, just moving the playhead away. For this there are two keystrokes (<< and >> on macOS), but I am more comfortable keeping my left hand on the SHIFT/ALT/CTRL/CMD side of the keyboard, and my right hand on the trackpad. For myself and others preferring a similar workflow the requested feature will be beneficial.

As I hope you realize, my most recent post was a response to wing.