Moving Presets from MR816 CSX to UR816C, Appearing as VSTs & Also Thanks @axemanchris

Hello. I am migrating from my beloved MR816 CSX to the hopefully soon to be beloved UR816C. I had a few bass sounds nicely dialed in on the MR and am wondering - is there a way to port channel strip presets from the MR816 CSX to the UR816C? Also, by extension, how do I get the FX in the UR816C to appear as VST plugins in Cubase like they did with the MR816 CSX?


PS: On a related topic, I want to say thanks to @axemanchris for a bunch of really great posts in these forums related to the UR816C - they have helped me learn and I appreciate it!

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Does anybody know how to move the presets I saved for FX in the MR816 CSX to the UR816C?

I have been digging around and can’t find anything, so am wondering if it’s possible.